Asterisk built-in system recordings

ok before everybody sends over the link to google, I have already searched.

I am replacing a system recording for the company directory (not phone book). I watched the asterisk log while calling in and it says it is playing (dir-intro). I went to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds and found dir-intro.wav, replaced it with a custom recording that I had the client do from their handset. I restarted the server.

It still plays the default recording…

My question is - is there a different file I should be replacing? Is there a cheat sheet for what the log says is playing tied to the actual file name?

Thanks in advance.


You should check under the specific language folders.
I don’t know why FreePBX/Asterisk also has some recordings in the sounds/ directory directly.
But most of these can also be found under sounds/en/, etc.

You should upload the file through the recordings module, make an announcement out of it, and then refer to that announcement from the directory module. No good can come of pulling out Asterisk’s built-in sound files and replacing them.