Asterisk behind NAT

Hi All
I am using freepbx 9 and the sip server is sitting behind a NAT server.
I need to publish it on the internet so any internet user can access it using a sip client.
Any help?

Hi Elied

Do you mean FreePBX 2.9?

You need to configure port forwarding on the router for the following ports:

SIP - 5060
RTP - 10000-20000 (or whatever range you’ve set)

You can use a service such as Dyndns to point your external SIP clients to your PBX if you don’t have a static IP. You can create an account for free then set the Dyndns address as the registrar address in the external SIP clients.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for you reply
I tried this config before
but it does not work
Anyways thank you for your help.