Asterisk Audio Call problem

Hello, i have freePBX and asterisk after a mikrotik routerboard, i disable and uninstall freePBX firewall cause of NAT of mikrotik, i create a sip extensions, all extension are connected but when i make call between any extensions, it is ringing but when i answer no audio at the 2 ways, any help please?

Did you add your local subnet under Settings >SIP Settings?

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The issue has been solved, it is from mikrotik routerboard ip>firewall>service ports> enable sip
For who is interested and has the same problem, check this solution

As I said in the other thread, I use Mikrotik 100% of the time. Based on your other thread and details in it, you have modified the default config of the Mikrotik. That pretty much means we have no idea if what you did previously impacted this as well.

These things should just be plugged and work. Also, the SIP services are on by default.

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