Asterisk-Asterisk extension forwarding on external incoming calls


I have 2 FreePBX asterisk systems in 2 different countries.
Using Outbound Routes and Trunks people can internally call extensions from one pbx to the other.
I also have a Voice Gateways with E1’s on each side, that way I have DID’s assigned for external incoming calls.
The issue that I have is when an external incoming call comes in to the “PBX A”, It doesn’t let you call to an extension on “PBX B”, because of course that one doesn’t exist on “PBX A”.
Is it possible to make some sort of route/trunk that will let me do that call-forwarding directly?
The solution I have right now is using 2 DID’s on each country, for each one of the PBX’s, using the voice gateway I forward the call to each one.

Just for the record, I’m not an expert at all on PBX systems, so if i didn’t make myself clear just let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

Thanks in advance

FreePBX 2.8 has the ability in the inbound route module to set a trunk as a destination.

Your other option is to use a custom extension with the dial string set to “/iax2/mytrunkname/digits_to_send”

The trick works for any technology trunk the format is /technology/peer_name/digits_to_send