Asterisk and bell systems

Hi all,
I work in a school that has an old Valcom Paging and Bell system
I want to get rid of it.
So I want to setup an extension that will “auto call” specific extensions by time
(e.g. at 9am it will call all classrooms play a 5 sec beep and hangup, and at 10am it will call only grades 1 through 5 play a 5 sec beep and hangup)

Can someone help me ?

Is this in the US? What you have described does not meet the standard for a school bell system.

Yes, I’m in the US.
What is wrong with my bell system ?
What is the standard for a school bell system in the US ?

It appears I may have junped too soon. The standards are for Ohio School Construction. I am just so used to bidding these school RFP’s to these specs I thought they were National.

So to that end, if this is a public school the standards would come out of the states technology guidelines. This is mostly driven by e-rate, the mechanism for providing matching funds for technology projects.

Anyway, from a FreePBX perspective you can’t do it from the web interface. Asterisk has rich scheduling in the extensions language. You can also generate call files with cron scripts to fire calls off.

from a FreePBX perspective you can’t do it from the web interface

While this is true of standard FreePBX, there is a 3rd party module that can schedule calls via the GUI, POSSA’s Wakeup Call module.

Currently this module does not schedule recurring calls, but that is one of the features on the road map for the near term.

Thanks lgaetz,
I hope that will help…
I never said anything about a gui (exten => something,something…)
But if “Hotel-Style-Wakeup-Calls” has a gui, that is a plus.
btw, how do I compile from a github in centos ?


No compilation necessary, installation instructions are in the project wiki:

As I said above, this module will not currently schedule recurring calls, so it is only of limited value for your purposes. If you are interested in developing this module for your purposes, I will be happy help where I can, just start a new issue in the issue tracker:

Thanks, I checked it out, it is basically what I need (the general idea)
I will like to develop this into a bell system, but I’m no programer… :frowning:
What I need is this, 1. multiple extension dial on timer (this module has the timer part down). 2. all extensions will auto-answer for this call only. 3. play something for about 4sec. 4. hang-up.

I looked at the issues, you seem to post a lot of them… can you develop ?

  1. already done
  2. In FreePBX create a paging group (or ring group) with all desired extensions. The paging group will have a number associated with it that you dial to invoke it, use this number to send the wakeup call to
  3. Asterisk comes with silent sound files of specified durations, see /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/silence (or where ever asterisk sound files are stored on your system). You can use the 4 second one as the 4 second delay before hangup.

can you develp?

I am a volunteer on some of the POSSA projects, I am not a coder and I am busy with a day job and life in general. If you post some feature requests in the issue tracker, we can knock them off as time permits. If you or someone you hire needs help with making changes, someone from POSSA will respond to questions posted to the issue tracker.