Asterisk and 911 Calling Number

I’m new so go easy on me. We have a Asterisk based server when calling 911 they are getting the main billing number of our Siemens switch. All other numbers dialed are getting the correct 10 digit number. Did a trace in the server and also have a PRI test set on trunks on the server side. I am seeing the 10 digit number on the trace and test set. We also have another Asterisk based server that 911 gets the correct 10 digit number. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

PRI providers often override the transmitted CID on dedicated PRI. If your trunk routing is set to go to the Siemens, it’s also possible the Siemens is configured to override the Caller ID. Without a little more structure in the question and a lot less vagueness, it’s hard to say.

We found that the PBX did not like the PRI dial plan set to unknown/unknown. When set to national/national all is good.