Asterisk 19 working with FreePBX16?

I can’t find any documents concerning the supported asterisk versions for FreePBX 16 (
Does anybody know if Asterisk 19 is working together with FreePBX 16? Or are there any documents concerning compatiblity, issues etc…?

Sangoma hasn’t bothered to get around to it yet. It was commented on early this month, or last month.

Still has not happened.

A fully up to date FreePBX 16 (distro) show this… I mean Asterisk 13 still :cry:

Thanks for the information. So I’ll better wait with upgrading my production server.
Looks like this was being worked on at some point and has 2 commits but no PR. Maybe @fdanard has some insight

Asterisk 19 is almost completed. There is only an issue to complet the package with G729 codec.
With are thinking to resolve this situation soon using another way.
Sorry for the delay.

Thank you for your great work! :blush:

Just a sarcastic answer?

Oh no, no sarcasm. That was honest. I appreciate your work on that great project. That’s why I wanted to say thank you. Maybe not the right place here…


Oh ok, sorry for this misunderstanding. Thank you. :wink:
Yes, I honest in this answer. Because you are worry to don’t be able any Asterisk 19 update. So, My goal is to provide a clear response.
I think we should provide something starting the middle of Feb.

To show you something in your sense.
Everthing is almost ready…
Just need a G729 codec.

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Asterisk 19 has been an available option on the Raspberry Pi since Asterisk 19 was released on Nov. 2, 2021 (using FreePBX 15 or FreePBX 16):

[PBX] FreePBX for the Raspberry Pi - VOIP Tech Chat | DSLReports Forums

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Asterisk 19 is available now