Asterisk 17

Asterisk 17 has already been released. When will it be available in FreePBX installation repository?

Asterisk 17 is not LTS version. Also what are you looking for in this version that 13 or 16 doesn’t give to you?

It is a stable version, not sure why not being an LTS would matter much less the feature set.

@jfinstrom sure it is. But it’s standard like version 15 that rarely I heard someone installed FreePBX with version 15.

I don’t know where you are hearing things from but numerous people used it. I’m still finding people with it installed and in use.

Also the Standard releases are when new features are added or overhauled. Asterisk 12 was Standard that’s where PJSIP was introduced. Asterisk 14 and 15 where back to back Standard releases due to continuous updates/changes to Video and other features.

So there will be things in Asterisk 17 that don’t exist in other versions.

I told version 17 is standard and not LTS. so it’s better to user LTS versions.
Obviously we know that version 12, 15 and 17 introduced new features.

No one is arguing the fact that it is a Standard release. You’re asking why people would care to install a Standard release and cited Asterisk v15 as the example. Stating that you heard almost no one installed it.

I was just pointing out why people would use a Standard release. Because it has features that current LTS or previous Standard releases don’t.

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Exactly. I used 15 in many locations.

I used it because LTS is more like “outdated” IMO. Obviously, I’m not a fan of LTS release schemes.

LTS release schemes are no different that the Standard release schemes save the time length support for that version is given. Honestly I’d be happy with either of those options for FreePBX. Because I honestly have no clue what is what right now.

Distro6 - EOL unless you have HA then not EOL?
FreePBX v13 - (distro or not) Still getting updates to modules. So not EOL?
FreePBX v14 - (distro or not) Current? Life cycle unknown
FreePBX v15 - (distro or not) Current. Life cycle unknown
SNG7 Distro - Current guessing this is the same distro FreePBX v15 will be ported into.

I know this is a time of rebuilding/reorganizing so part of my wish list would be to see some sort of defined release cycles for both Distro and FreePBX versions. However, I’m having a faint recollection of a conversion/thread stating that SNG7 will be a rolling distro. Is that a thing that is happening?

Now freepbx allows me to install several Asterisk versions, including non-LTS. If a new version is released, it is supposed to be included in a while after testing.

I’d love to see Asterisk 17 added to the list! We’ve been a bit busy with other things, but we’ll see if we can work it in to our queue.


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