Asterisk 17? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

@mattf We have a real time line on this? I think after almost three months we can safely ask, what is the delay?


Hey Tom,

I think from a Sangoma FreePBX Team perspective, we’ve been covered up with security issues, some infrastructure fun, and customer issues over the last little bit here. It’s something I want to see happen from our side of things, but obviously when someone’s PBX is core dumping or not functioning, those types of things tend to get prioritized higher in the queue when it’s weighed against tasks like adding in a new version of Asterisk.

That being said, we have an internal issue created to build and QA Asterisk 17 and I think we’ll probably be getting to it relatively soon - probably within the next 2-4 weeks or so.

Hope that helps provide some additional insight into that, and sorry again about the delay on it.

Best wishes,
Matthew Fredrickson


@BlazeStudios I’m curious about the features of 17 that are compelling you to move forward. (I ask with neutral intention & nothing to argue. :slight_smile: )

That’s an answer :clap:

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Nothing in particular. Generally the stable release is the precursor for the next LTS so I’d like to mess around with it for a bit. Remember, though, this is a stable release. It only has X months to live before not worth having it available.

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