Asterisk 16.4.1 on SNG7 distro

Is there an expected rollout for Asterisk 16.4.1 on the SNG7 distro? Either as a stable or development release?

Hi there @japple,
the latest version of asterisk 16 is available on the testing repository, it was updated on Friday :slight_smile:


We actually just went through this in another thread.

asterisk16.x86_64 16.4.0-1.sng7 @sng7-testing

That’s the latest version in the testing repos. 16.4.1 which was released on July 11th is not there.

Sorry you’re right,

the package was there I had just versioned it wrong. I rebuilt it now with the correct version

Yup, that did it.

[[email protected] asterisk]# asterisk -V
Asterisk 16.4.1

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