Asterisk 13 Queued calls - FOP delay

Asterisk 13
FreePBX 13 and FOP2 2.31.03

We are having issues in FOP for Queue calls. When a call enters a queue, there is a delay in the calls getting updated in FOP. Even though the call rings all the agents in the queue simultaneously (ringall), in FOP, it shows as ringing one agent and after a delay of 5 seconds, it shows as ringing another agent and again after 5 seconds , it rings another agent and so on.

Also, even after one of the agents answers the call and transfers it to another extension, it is still shown as ringing on FOP.

The FOP support team says that it is not a FOP issue as they receive events from Asterisk and they are saying it is an asterisk issue. We tried downgrading to asterisk 11 and still the issue persists. The FOP team has checked the FOP config files and they seem to be correct for event filters etc.

Can it be caused by too many AMI events? Is there something we can do?

This truly sounds like a FOP2 issue and have them tell you why its not with proof on why its not a problem on their side. AMI is just a socket connnection and blast everything out the socket as it happens

Thank you Tony. Will contact the FOP support team again and ask them to check.