Asterisk 13 now supported in the FreePBX Distro!

Asterisk 13 is now available in the FreePBX Distro and can be accessed with the asterisk-version-switch script.

Asterisk 13 is the new Asterisk LTS scheduled to release next month. This version builds on the fundamental changes made in 12. With 13 we will see improvements to things like ARI with additional endpoints and the PJSIP channel driver. In addition to improvements of 12 items they also add things like Resource list subscriptions. For many FreePBX users this doesn’t mean much as the inner workings of Asterisk are generally invisible. For our developers this is pretty exciting. These improvements mean in some cases new features to the front end and in other cases drastic improvement to the “inner plumbing” making the over all experience better.

Keep your ear to the ground, exciting things are coming.

Remember, Asterisk 13 is still marked as Beta and is scheduled for release next month. As with all Beta
software, it should probably not be used in production or any mission critical environment.

Thanks for using FreePBX

hi jfinstrom

does v.13 still in beta version or full released (not experimental) ?
thanks in advance


Asterisk 13 is released

meaning not experimental version anymore?

I have the same question. When I execute the program to change Asterisk versions (I’m running 11.17), it says that 13 is EXPERIMENTAL. This thread seems to say it is in PRODUCTION. Can someone please verify?

Has there been any further details on "Asterisk 13 EXPERIMENTAL"
Jan 2, 2016, latest version of distro installed and it still stays EXPERIMENTAL.

Checking, I cannot find anywhere else that says Asterisk 13 is experimental (with FreePBX).
However, when running asterisk-version-switch it reports it as experimental.

Please advise.

You need to upgrade your distro. In 10.x that notice is removed.

Hi Andrew,

System Admin shows we are up to date: Current version:6.12.65-31

No you are not. You are on the 6.12 release. You need to upgrade to the 10.x release like I previously stated.


Sorry to be moron here…
The system clearly shows the system is up to date.

Current version:6.12.65-31
Update Status:This system is up to date.

How am I to know there is an upgrade and where would I find this update, since the System Admin we purchased obviously is not working and not showing the correct updates.

The upgrade module in Sys Admin will only show you the updates for the track that your on. To upgrade your track you’ll need to use an update script. The script to upgrade from 6 to 10 is on the bottom of this page:

You’ll want FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-100

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Odd though, as I have been able to upgrade tracks before from System admin.
That is how we moved from 2 through 6, I Guess System Admin Updates no longer works?

I tried to follow the link provided to upgrade, but the link does not work.

Connecting to||:443… connected.
ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches
requested host name “”.
To connect to insecurely, use ‘–no-check-certificate’.

Odd to provide a link that does not work.
Anyway… Changed to http url and update is running.

Install underway… but getting many errors that it cannot upgrade due to requiring Asterisk 12 and I am running 11.

Why would Asterisk 12 be required?
The whole topic here was to upgrade in order to to install Asterisk 13.
Now the upgrade is reporting errors because Asterisk 12 is not installed?

From all the errors scrolling by, I would guess I am gonna have a dead system after this.

This was already answered by @munozj

It’s not. The message you are seeing is “requires Asterisk 12 or higher”.

They are notices. Not errors. You will be fine.

The link works if you follow the instructions provided.[quote=“voipmuch, post:14, topic:24162”]
ERROR: no certificate subject alternative name matches requested host name “”.To connect to insecurely, use ‘–no-check-certificate’.

I have never performed any command line updates. Each and every track move from 2 through 6 was done from System Admin Updates.

Now in 6 it does not move to 10 for whatever reason.

Just not sure how nay one is expected to know this, when doing it from System Admin updates has always been the process. Not to mention that even refers to (Option 2) performing the updates from System Admin.

Since FreePBX and System Admin no longer seem to notify when there is a track update or allow for the update… do we now just need to watch the forums and community posts to know about future updates? This seems to be a step backwards… no?

You can always file a bug if you want a different action.