Asterisk 13.23 in Repo

Is there a place to see when Asterisk versions will make it into the FreePBX Distro yum repos or a repo that has newer Asterisk versions? I updated to asterisk-13-core.x86_64 13.22.0-1.sng7 today. Unfortunately, that version of Asterisk has a bug in it ( that is causing issues with some of our trunks. I need to get up to Asterisk 13.23.0 or higher to get that bugfix, but I can’t seem to get that version via the yum repos. I enabled a couple other repos I found in /etc/yum.repos.d, but they didn’t have any newer Asterisk 13 versions. 13.23 has been out for a month or two.

SNG7 already has this version. As for older distros. We do not actively update those.

@tm1000 - When I do a yum list, I only see these versions of Asterisk13

asterisk13-core.x86_64 13.19.1-1.sng7 sng-pkgs
asterisk13-core.x86_64 13.21.1-1.sng7 sng-pkgs
asterisk13-core.x86_64 13.22.0-1.sng7 sng-pkgs

I am on 1807 SNG, which is odd since the current downloadable FreePBX distro is 1805. Any ideas how to get Asterisk 13.23? When I do a yum list for sangoma-pbx, I see the 1805 versions, but I am on 1807.

sangoma-pbx.noarch 1807-1.sng7 @sng-pkgs

sangoma-pbx.noarch 1805-2.sng7 sng-pkgs
sangoma-pbx.noarch 1805-3.sng7 sng-pkgs
sangoma-pbx.noarch 1807-1.sng7 sng-pkgs

yum install sangoma-devel
yum upgrade asterisk*

Ok. I thought that might be the way to go about it. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Is there a general guideline for when an Asterisk version makes it out of devel and into stable/prod? This is a production box, so I don’t want to go too crazy with devel versions.

Usually once QA checks it. I need to look into what happened here. Probably a miscommunication

Ok. I’ll hold off on installing sangoma-devel for now since it seems like you are expecting Asterisk 13.23 to be in the stable repo.

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