Asterisk 13.21.0


Any idea where I can find planned release date information for FreePBX incorporating Asterisk 13.21.0? I need to run that version to squash a few bugs with Music on Hold.



I think this may have dropped too far below the posts to be seen – anyone have any idea on the release timeline?

Typically you need to create an issue ticket at the issue link at the top menu bar. They don’t typically do anything in response to forum posts.


I xon’t actually need anything, just to know when Asterisk v13.21.0 is going to be released into FreePBX

13.21.0 was released yesterday in SNG7. We don’t do releases in 6 anymore unless it’s pressing or a security issue.

I ran yum update this morning, still 13.19.1

All of our releases go through standard testing. When I say it was released yesterday this means its in the testing repo which you can activate by running: yum install sangoma-devel.


Thanks for clarifying.


Is there somewhere we can look to find the release timeline information so I don’t have to bug you guys with a forum post?

I tried to look through the closed issues on Github without any luck.

Also, how long do things normally stay in the testing branch before full release?

We don’t have anything like this

There is no timeframe.

If you install sangoma-devel you can get it right now


It appears 13.21.0 is still in devel?

Is there somewhere we can look to see if any issues have come up with it (other than the forums) before we switch to the devel branch and install it?

Hi, we did yum install sangoma-devel but still are unable to get version 13.21.0

any ideas why?

Did you run yum check-update and yum update after installing sangoma-devel? My freepbx test VM has 13.21.0 right now.

Hi, See both images below :

System has already been rebooted.

Works fine here as well. Its in the repos.

So weird… I’ll do some more digging see if I can find anything wrong.

By all the repos @tm1000 do you mean it’s been released to the general population as well?

Thanks, all.

I’ve playing with 13.21 on my test system - has anyone else found that the “Minimum Announcement Interval” is being ignored and defaulting to 15 seconds now?

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