Asterisk 12 CHAN_SIP technology does not register

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble registering a SIP extension in FreePBX Beta-1 using Asterisk 12.

[2014-07-10 10:44:12] NOTICE[7105]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:246 log_unidentified_request: Request from ‘sip:[email protected],X.X’ failed for ‘192.68.XX:7796’ (callid: ODc1MzYzNzg3MmE1ZGM3YTdhNzUzZDFlYWZmNjAxNzQ.) - No matching endpoint found

  • This device uses CHAN_SIP technology.

In FreePBX Advanced Settings:

SIP Channel Driver? = Both

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What port is chan_sip on. Usually it’s set to 5061 so you’d have to have your phone register to 5061

The whole “no matching endpoint found” basically tells it all. You are trying to connect to 5060 which is set for pjsip

I changed the port to 5061 and now but the status is reported as:

– Registered SIP ‘3000’ at 1XX.XX.XX:17157
[2014-07-10 15:00:37] NOTICE[2017]: chan_sip.c:29543 sip_poke_noanswer: Peer ‘3000’ is now UNREACHABLE! Last qualify: 0

The FreePBX is at home, locally should work!

Thank you for your help

This is nothing to do with Asterisk 12. You appear to have networking issues of which I can’t decipher much with what you’ve provided. Does your phone respond to SIP OPTIONS? You haven’t even provided your phone so who knows (Some Cisco phones don’t respond so therefore you’d have to set qualify to no)

Why don’t you try using Asterisk 11 if you want to use chan_sip. Easy enough to switch if you are on the distro.

You’re right, I’ll use the Asterisk 11. This machine is test and is in my house. Actually there is forecast for the final version of FreePBX 12. This version is very good.

Thank you

You do realize you can use Asterisk 11 with FreePBX 12 right? Just making sure we are on the same page?

Yes, before I was running version 11 but I was curious to test the 12 version of Asterisk.

Have you tried PJSIP?