Asterisk 11.22.0 - major Queue Bug causes Segfault

If you have a lot of Queues, avoid this version until the issue is fixed - switched a Cluster over the weekend and as soon as people came in, they started crashing like CRAZY!

Downgraded to Asterisk 11.19.0 (from the cli yum downgrade asterisk* until you get where you want) and the problem went away, but what a terrible way to start back to work.

In case anyone else has this problem with a Cluster, put the cluster in maintenance mode, downgrade the active node, downgrade the offline node, and then when they are on the same version, take the cluster back out of maintenance mode.

We don’t have many queues but asterisk 11.22 is crashing several times a day with that segfault. Looks like I will have to downgrade to 11.19.0 as well to fix the problem.

It’s a bummer regression - it has been years since I saw this big of a show-stopper regression - but 1.11.19 works fine until they fix it.

I’m running 11.23.0 on a cluster and seeing Asterisk segfaults.Not using any queues though.

Have you upgraded to this version or are you still on 11.19?

Still on 11.19 and will be there for the foreseeable future - NOT a client with a lot of tolerance for any problems whatsoever.

11x goes to security only at the end of this month so any outstanding bugs are soon to be features. It may be a good idea to start testing and transitioning to 13x