Asterisk 1.8 and FOP

After Asterisk 1.8 is installed FOP fails to show an extension status, i.e. connected or disconnected.

I am still testing other functions.

Ticket HERE

I hope the format is clear, it’s my first time sending bug reports =)



log out of your account and then back in (from the forum side, not the trac side).

Something is probably amiss with your cookie that is creating the problem as trac is separate from the forums but we have played some games by inserting a cookie into trac when you login to the main site and sometimes this happens especially if it has been a very long time since you last logged in.


I don’t know why but i try to open a ticket with no results. I’m logged in, but when i “start a new ticket” obtain a


TICKET_CREATE_SIMPLE privileges are required to perform this operation "

Login again… and so… when i get ticket system page, appears as “not loged in”

Asterisk ticket HERE

Thx for the quick answer!


thanks for the update on the fix for that.

Can you open a ticket against FOP and put that in the ticket so we make sure to have a look. If possible, put it as a patch but otherwise just make sure you include the above information.

Then i’ll just have to figure out in FOP if we have the Asterisk version information to figure out whether to use Unregistered or UNKNOWN.

I would also suggest you file a bug against the Asterisk tracker and if you do, put the Asterisk bug number in your ticket as well. Their intent was to be 100% dialplan compatible in 1.8 to 1.6, I don’t know if that extended to the manager and things like this but they should be made aware of what they might have broken so they can decide if this should be addressed or not.

Thanks in advance advance to you and vmikhelson, and of course nikolas for the help here!

"for sure developers are working on it."


The problem is with Asterisk 1.8 not being consistent or backwards compatible with the way it indicates an UNREACHABLE peer. It used to be “Unregistered”, and now it is “UNKNOWN”. Just run “sip show peers” to verify.

That is it. Nicolas was kind enough to connect to my system and debug the problem in a matter of minutes. All changes are contained in the

I hoped Nicolas would publish the fix as version 0.31. For some reason he has not done that yet.

If anybody is interested I can privately send the file as Nicolas never authorized me to publish it.


I notice that and modify to recognize this “new status”

But, still having some issues, like if the panel starts, dont update this status (peers appears all as “online”)

Even freepbx status shows this peers online in peers count.

A little workaround to fix panel, edit file in your FOP directory, look for line 4845 where says…

   elsif ( $state eq "Unregistered" ) {
        $estado_final = "noregistrado";
        $texto        = "&notregistered";

and change “Unregistered” with “UNKNOWN”.

FreePBX needs more patching, for sure developers are working on it.

Fop is extremely old and full of ugliness. While I’m not sure what the issue at hand is (or if its fixable), at some point we will have to acknowledge that its time has passed and just move on…

One though though is that asterisk 1.6/1.8 has slightly different permissions for the manager connection. You may want to double check these (enable all options for testing).

Same issue confirmed here. Fop fails to show extension status. Looks like other functions work. Asterisk and FreePBX

Hi All

I’m a newbie, and i have the same issue, my FOP is not updadting extensions status. Ive tried the fix above but was unsuccessful. Any update on this issue.

freepbx distro…

The same comment has been added to Asterisk bugs tracking system;
I have the same behaviour of the FOP on all my SPA932 and SPA500 sidecars.
They do not recognize the unregistered peers at all anymore.