Asterisk 1.8.6

Running latest version of distro with asterisk 1.8.5. How can I update to asterisk 1.8.6? Yum? Sorry if this is a n00b question. Thanks!

My advice is don’t do it, the Distro team do a great job of testing and only putting out upgrades when they are sure they work. Just wait for the official upgrade, it will come when it is ready. Just my ten cents.

I guess that begs the question, how does one upgrade the distro in place? I don’t want to lose all the settings I have. Will that be an issue? Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere else.


Just polished off the upgrade scripts but need a few testers before I make them live. If you would like to give them a try you can grab it from

I have not had a chance to test these. If a few people could give it a whirl and than let me know if you have any issues that would be great.

This is updating Asterisk 1.8.6, Dahdi 2.5 and a few other minor packages and setting up the new yum and versioning system.

Tested -

A minor error on install - I think because I don’t have wanpipe - but all continued as expected.

./ line 280: /usr/sbin/wanrouter: No such file or directory
Move needed wanpipe files so we dont losoe them on removal
cp: cannot stat `/etc/wanpipe/wanrouter.rc’: No such file or directory
Remove packages first so they dont conflict
error: package wanpipe-2.6.18-194.17.1.el5- is not installed
error: package wanpipe-2.6.18-194.17.1.el5- is not installed
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, kmod

Then later this error -

Nothing to do
cp: cannot stat /usr/tmp/': No such file or directory ln: creating symbolic link/etc/init.d/wanrouter’ to `/usr/sbin/wanrouter’: File exists
grep: 0:3.5.22-kernel. No such file or directory

SCRIPT—FAILED ON STAGE 2–Failed to verify kmod-dahdi-linux-2.5.0-1_centos5.2.6.18_194.17.1.el5 or wanpipe.i386 0:3.5.22-kernel. RPM was installed

Not sure if above are anything to worry about, but I do report errors when I do installs.

I upgraded my test system from to in a VM successfully. Thanks Tony.

Same - has been successful thus far.

You can find instructions to update the FreePBX Distro here: