Asterisk 1.6 Support on 2.4 and SANGOMA Offers More Discounts!

Things have been busy here at FreePBX with the 2.4 Beta program and all the interest in our Open Telephony Training Seminar. If that has not been enough and you didn’t hear, the Asterisk team announced the formal start of their 1.6beta1 yesterday! If you’ve been following our news then you know that we have been busy trying to keep up with 1.6 in our 2.4 beta so we are ahead of the game this time. More on that later, let’s catch you up on the up and coming training program.

Training Class over half filled and Sangoma offers two more discounts

We thought we were bad procrastinators but after this week and especially yesterday’s registrations that came pouring in, we feel a lot better! With class capacity well over half in just a short few weeks it looks like we got your attention in our last blog post but as we said, all good things must come to an end and as Friday has come and gone, so has the great EARLYBIRD discount we were offering. Alas, all is not lost if you missed the deadline. We’ve been talking with Sangoma about the training event and filling them in on the plans. Needless to say they are really excited about what we have going and asked if they could sponsor a couple additional discounts to help those REAL procrastinators who missed out. So … compliments of Sangoma, they have provided two $500 scholarships for the next two participants who sign up. The only catches are as follows. First, these coupons ‘turn into pumpkins’ and expire this Friday, January 25th. If it helps to motivate you, the great hotel rates go away January 23rd or when our block of rooms get exhausted, which ever comes first. Don’t procrastinate any longer! The second catch, Sangoma hopes that if you take them up on this, the next time you purchase a TDM card you will consider buying one of theirs. And stay tuned, because there may be a great one time opportunity at the training to make good on this at prices that you may never see again. So jump on this now and enter SANGOMA into the coupon code on the registration page and make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Remember, only the first two coupons will work.

Beta 2.4 – When will it become a Release Candidate?

The Beta Program continues to go strong and it looks like our request for more testers has helped bump up the beta sites a bit. We are approaching 700 beta sites with a mixture of 2/3 running Asterisk 1.4 and 1/3 running 1.2. (And the other few running 1.6 – more on that). You can get an overview of the program status on the FreePBX 2.4 Milestone link. For those of you who were staying away from the trac system because the performance had gotten so painfully slow, go take a look because we finally found the culprit and things are back to normal! As you can see there are 213/220 bugs closed last time we checked – and most of those are bugs that were carried over from 2.3 or prior and only addressed in 2.4. In addition to those, there are all the Feature Request tickets that were added as well as details on what the milestone has been about.

Since the beta sites are increasing and we are feeling really good about the release, we will watch it closely over the next week and if all goes well, we will move it to Release Candidate (rc1) status. If it continues on track, we may see a final release shortly there after!

Asterisk 1.6 on FreePBX 2.4?

Thanks to the ongoing work by pnlarsson, one of our newer developers, we continue to have patches to keep FreePBX 2.4 running on Asterisk 1.6. As we mentioned above, they just announced the formal start of their 1.6beta1 so we anticipate there may be a surge of interest on this branch. Does this mean FreePBX 2.4 will officially support Asterisk 1.6? That is a hard question to answer. We can tell you that 2.4 continues the legacy that version 2.3 started, which is simultaneous support for Asterisk versions 1.2, 1.4 and to the best of our limited testing, 1.6 also. Therefore, we will take 1.6 related bug reports very seriously even after the final 2.4 release. But until testing steps up and Asterisk 1.6 makes its way out of their own beta program, we won’t know how close we are. Also, 1.6 will be in its very early days and as such very bleeding edge for some time. However – we are excited to contribute back to the Asterisk team by providing a mechanism that will allow large numbers of users to kick the tires on 1.6 and help their efforts to drive it to a stable release!

For now – happy beta testing!

Philippe – on behalf of the FreePBX Team

The PBX in a Flash development team is equally excited about the release of the Asterisk 1.6 and FreePBX 2.4 betas. To celebrate, there will be an upgrade script on the PBX in a Flash Script Site ( later this afternoon which automatically upgrades your PBX in Flash system to FreePBX 2.4 and Asterisk 1.6. I would hasten to add that beta is probably an optimistic description of the Asterisk 1.6 release, but the Asterisk development team can certainly use your input. And we want to do our part in creating a readily available pool of volunteers. So, if you want a turnkey Asterisk 1.6 install, it should be available later today with all the bells and whistles you’re used to: CentOS 5, Apache, PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, and the Nerd Vittles Goodie Bag.

To get started, you’ll need to download and install PBX in Flash 1.1. Next run the Update-Source, Update-Scripts, and Update-Fixes scripts to apply all patches. Then you’ll be ready to run the Asterisk 1.6/FreePBX 2.4 Update Script at your own risk. Enjoy!

Finally, a word of caution. The PBX in a Flash development team has a very long list of priorities for our distribution, and Asterisk 1.6 is not yet on our radar. So, if you test this and it smokes, you’ll need to contact the Asterisk 1.6 development team about the problems you encounter… not us. :slight_smile: