Asterisk + FreePbx

Hi people,

I install a fresh freepbx 2.7 and i make a restore of a freepbx on this new system, i have now all working but i have 9256 hints when i go to Subscriptions info

i have info like this !!!

[email protected] : SIP/9009&Custom:DND9 State:Unavailable Watchers
*[email protected] : Custom:DEVDND9009 State:Unavailable Watchers
*[email protected] : Custom:FOLLOWME9009 State:Unavailable Watchers

On old system i have only this

[email protected] : SIP/9009 State:Unavailable Watchers 0

I think that restore create many custom_extensions !!!

Because of this when i make reload of my system this opertion takes a long time and some times DIE !!!


You must have had a rather old version of FreePBX prior to the upgrade. The hints are so you can have a key light up when DND, Call-Forward or other features are activated for the extension.

Can i drop all of them ? Because of that when i apply the changes on freepbx receive many times “DIE:Server not respond” because this operation takes long time.

ok i’m already found what’s the problem of this hints that are generated by freepbx.

i change on amportal.conf to DYNAMICHINTS=true but asterisk continues generate the hints !!!.

Another problem is when i apply changes on freepbx takes long time i think that its because of this all hints (almost 10000).

The changes are commited after i apply chnages but i receive an error !!!

Error: Did not receive valid response from server


USEDEVSTATE = true|false # DEFAULT VALUE false

If this is set, it assumes that you are running Asterisk 1.4 or higher and want to take advantage of the

func_devstate.c backport available from Asterisk 1.6 which allows custom hints to be created to support

BLF for server side feature codes such as daynight, followme, etc.