Asterisk with freepbx voicemail.conf file issuse and no vm to email

I have loaded the with freepbx on 5 different servers all with the same results, if you change a users vm password and then have to add a user the voicemail.conf file rewrites itself with trash and deletes all users that were in it.

i have fixed this issue by deleting out the and the which are in the voicemail.conf file

after doing this vm seems to be stable

but the next problem is that the vm to email doesnt work and the only way to get it to work is for freepbx to fix the problem with the way it writes the voicemail.conf file and that the and files would have to be fixed as of now they are empty files

i have tried using the info from 1.4 asterisk to fix as a test and this does not work.

Please help…