Asterisk 1.4.x freepbx 2.3.x

Can anybody tell me, if the above mentioned combination (Asterisk 1.4.x freepbx 2.3.x) ist ready for stable use on CentOS.
If so are there some useful installation guides for Asterisk 1.4.x freepbx 2.3.x on CentOS 5?
thanks in advance

There are plenty of stable CentOS + 2.3 releases available with both 1.2 and 1.4 Asterisk. Asterisk 1.4 continues to show more bugs over 1.2 but has gotten more stable over the last year. If you need 1.4 features or known fixes that are not in 1.2 then choose 1.4, otherwise you are not gaining anything and would be better with 1.2. As far as CentOS 5 it is in fine shape (as in CentOS 4) on the various distros that provide it - or role your own.

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