Asterisk 1.4 improves stability on EPIA hardware

I keep seeing comments that say asterisk users should stay with version 1.2 rather than upgrading to V1.4

I upgraded my test system when the FreePBX 2.3 beta was released.

Prior to this, it would crash, lock up or generally misbehave in some way on a fairly fixed schedule, 6 to 7 days after the last restart.

Since changing to Asterisk & Zaptel 1.4.x releases it has been running five weeks without any sign of a problem.

The machine is a VIA EPIA-M 1GHz with 512MB Ram, running CentOS 4.4

I must add that I did not have these problems on production systems (typically Athlon64 3500 + 1GB Ram), which have been flawless.

I know the VIA EPIA boards are quite popular for Asterisk setups, so if anyone else is having stability problems with 1.2 it may be worth giving 1.4 a go.