Asterisk 1.4 + freepbx 2.13+ Clients

Hi all , I have been using freepbx for reporting only and now I am testing asterisk 1.4 and I would like to use freepbx 4 everything .Now, how do I create sip/iax/zap extensions do I first create them on sip/iax.conf ?

No u use Freepbx to do everything
did u install freepbx???
did u install the modules
Is it working?
if so, then go into setup and create the extens

Everything has been installed and it works , the thing is that I created and extension and the is nonthing about sip domains on freepbx , where should I create my sip domains , on sip.conf ?

Freepbx is not a sip server…it is a PBX…

you are looking at OPENSER or some stuff …there are no domains
(well if you have FQDN you have a domain no “domain login”