Asterisk deprecation warning: DBdel vs. DB_DELETE

freePBX 2.6.0.RC2.1 (though I don’t think it’s a “beta”-specific issue)

Since accepting the yum update on our asterisknow v1.5 and its bump of asterisk core to v., the /var/log/asterisk/full is posting the the following deprecation warning,

WARNING[5000] app_db.c: The DBdel application has been deprecated in favor of the DB_DELETE dialplan function!

A grep of the *.conf shows freePBX use of DBdel in,


Questions are two: 1) is this anything I need to worry about in accepting any near term yum updates, and 2) is the freePBX project adjusting to this deprecation in the core asterisk code base.

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Can you please file a ticket on this so we make sure to have a look.

I guess they will never stop deprecating commands, though this one is odd, if it is a function instead of a command, you have no direct way to call it without going a round-about way, may need to check what their intentions are wrt to that.

This would mean you need to do something like:

exten => s,n,Noop(Deleting key DB_DELETE(family/key)

or something like

exten -> s,n,Set(USELESS_VARIABLE=DB_DELETE(family/key))

It would be interesting if someone wants to take this up with the Asterisk team and see what they had in mind…

Ticket and patch is at #3900

Thanks for the quick actions.

Will this patch be included in the next v2.6-RC(n), or the final?


Could be, we need to have a discussion about it as there are a few more places that needs to be changed and those changes are not so trivial to do.