Asterik Servers

Dear all,

Can I use Asterisk/FreeBpx , as a Server.

What I want to do is to connect the telephony system in two distinct areas via asterisk. can I do this without VoIP provider ?

If you need more info. to answer, pleas tell me.

Thank you in advance

Yes you can.

You don’t need a VoIP provider. In fact, you can use Asterisk to become a VoIP provider if you wish.

You can connect directly to the PSTN using a T1 line or FXO ports. Your Asterisk box becomes a SIP front-end for the PSTN. You can connect two Asterisk PBX by using IAX or SIP trunks or you can connect distant SIP phones directly to your local Asterisk PBX.

If you are planning on connecting (trunking) two existing legacy phone systems together, Asterisk can do that also.

Thank you all for the confirmation .

yes I am new to Asterisk and communications at all