AstDB key /TRUNK/1/dialopts does not exist

Whenever I update a pjsip trunk, the console gives me this error:

[2024-06-17 15:29:16] WARNING[29175]: db.c:485 ast_db_del2: AstDB key /TRUNK/1/dialopts does not exist

I am using FreePBX

Everything seems to be working ok and I don’t need any special options (that I know of). What would be causing this?

Thank you

It looks like you have set the trunk dial options, but that key is missing in the astdb.

You can confirm it with below command.

asterisk -rx "database showkey TRUNK/1/dialopts"

I’m not sure I understand. I don’t think I have any options specified, or at least I don’t know where to look for them. What, exactly, is a trunk option (ie. vs all the other options set for a trunk)?

Here’s what my trunk screen looks like in the GUI:

When I run the command you suggested, I get this:
asterisk -rx “database showkey TRUNK/1/dialopts”
0 results found.

Was that query supposed to show me the options I had selected, or prove that there was a database inconsistency? And, if there is an inconsistency, how do I fix it?


When the Trunk dial option is set to “override”, it sets the key in astdb with the specified dial options.

When the Trunk dial option is set to “system”, it removes the key if it was already added.

In your case, the Trunk dial option is set to “system”. When you submit the page, it tries to remove the key, but the key was not there, which is why it shows the warning. This warning will not impact anything, so you can ignore it