ASTassistant Released

Hello everyone,
I have written some desktop software to interact with your Asterisk server and it is very FreePBX friendly. Listed below are some features.

ASTassistant is designed to be the desktop connection between you and your SIP/IAX phone.

  • Call History

  • Extension and User/Device Listing and Availability

  • Roll Over Active Extension to See Call Detail

  • Remotely Hang-up Extension

  • Drag Active Extensions to a live Meetme Conference

  • Drag Active Call to Parking Lot

  • Drag Active Call to Queue

  • Contact List (drag-able from call history and Outlook 2003/2007

  • Incoming/Outgoing Call Notification via Pop-Up

  • Click to dial on Extensions/Contacts/Call History/Input Box

  • Ability to set DND/Call Forwarding

  • Ability to see if other Extentions are DND

  • List and Manage Meetme Conferences

  • List and Manage Channels

  • List Calls on Hold

  • List Queues/Agents/Caller Statistics

  • Shows Number of Voicemails New/Old

  • Configure Optional CallerID from Web Page

  • Hide Application to System Tray

  • Transfer Active Call from Configured Extension

  • Use ChannelSpy (Automatic or Manual)

  • Record Calls (Automatic or Manual)

  • Compatible with Asterisk 1.2 and Asterisk 1.4

  • Show a URL for an incoming/outgoing call. Great for searches.

  • Change Day/Night Services for upcoming FreePBX release

  • See if there are new messages for any Voice Mail Boxes on the System

  • See call forwarding of all extensions and make changes to them

  • See when a custom extension is dialed out to and connected.

  • Ability to pull additional config file from TFTP server


Is it possible to get this in a 64bit version or at least source so we can compile it for our platform?


i believe the source code is avalible at (a.k.a. - have a look before asking questions…)

I’ve looked at that site for the source and haven’t been able to find it. Where did you look?

hmm, your right. He seems to have removed it…