Assistance with 305 Phone Activation

I am a new FreePBX user and just installed the 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7 distribution on CentOS. We have two 305 Phones, Two extensions have been setup and the two phones were found in the network scan and now appear in the extension mapping. The phones have a dialtone but calling the other extension does not ring the other phone. On the phone the accounts listings show they are unregistered.

I tried to attach a log but I could not as a new user. The following errors appear along with some additional errors and warnings.

[2019-05-16 09:46:43] ERROR[28075] config_options.c: Unable to load config file ‘acl.conf’
[2019-05-16 09:46:43] WARNING[28075] named_acl.c: Could not reload ACL config

[2019-05-16 09:46:43] WARNING[28075] pbx_config.c: Unable to register
extension at line 4075 of /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf
[2019-05-16 09:46:43] ERROR[28075] pbx.c: You have to be kidding-- add
exten ‘’ to context clean? Figure out a name and call me back. Action

[2019-05-16 09:46:43] ERROR[28075] res_sorcery_config.c: Unable to load config file ‘pjproject.conf’
[2019-05-16 09:46:43] VERBOSE[28075] loader.c: Reloading module ‘’ (Basic SIP resource)
[2019-05-16 09:46:43] ERROR[28077] res_pjsip_config_wizard.c: Unable to load config file

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Ron

Check that they are in same ip range(Vlan). I had one on data vlan and one on voice vlan cause this issue when i first started.

They are definitely in the same range. The server and the phones are connected to a switch, and then to the router. The server has a static and the phones are and


Are you using zero touch provisioning? Also did you put :84 after ip address of server?

I am using zero provisioning. The phone MAC addresses are tied to our deployment on the Sangoma site. and the phone network WAN address is registered. Interesting the phones show poll counts on the Sangoma site but recent phone connections do not seem to increase the poll count.

I added :84 after the server address with no improvement. The phones show in the Network Scan and can be assigned to an extension, but they do not get auto provisioned to the extension even though the MAC address is registered. The phones show all the accounts as Empty:Not Registered.

Again any help is appreciated… Ron

In Endpoint manager, In template general tab provisioning protocol set to HTTP:// also?

i also use chan sip

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