Assistance - Engin Trunk config and dial patterns (Australia)

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to get Engin SIP trunks working on my new FreePBX and struggling. being new at this I am googling lots and have watched lots of vids etc, but I’m not sure if i have been gone down the wrong track as I’m not sure how much the info I have is SIP providor specific etc.

Outgoing Peer details are currently as follows:

username=xxxxxxxx (actual username)
secret=xxxxxxxxx (actual password)

Incoming user details:

Register String: [username]:[password]

I currently have no dial pattern rules in place, but can’t get a call out if I dial a local number with any of the following syntax.

61 3 xxxx xxxx
03 xxxx xxxx
xxxx xxxx

I’m in Melbourne, I assume with no dial patters one of these options should work at least?

Can any Aussies assist with what dial patterns i should be using to send all of my calls out of this one trunk?

I also cannot get a call inbound either. What logs should I be showing here to help my cause? Any advice is welcome.

Try adding the following after

Incoming User Context = Engin phone number

Register String: username:[email protected]/username

Also I have everything in incoming user details as blank.

I feel your pain, it took me a while to get it going, but it has been rock solid service since getting it up and running.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it! your tips have got incoming calls working for me which is great! I now need to work out what’s happening with the outgoing calls.

Got any tips based on your experience with Engin? I have a very strong feeling it is dial pattern related.

The only other difference I can find is
also I don’t have the trustrpid=yes

Also have you setup the outbound route correctly its in a different section to the sip trunks.

Outbound Route info:
Route Name: Engin
route CID : Same as main in dial number
override extension: No
Route Password: Blank
rout type: neither
Music on old: Default
Time mat Time Zone: use System timezone
Time match Time Group: Permanent Route
Route position: Engin
Optional Destination on Congestion: Normal Congestion

Again, could this be Dial pattern related? how do you have yours set?

Possibly just put in the dial patterns in outbound routes 04XXXXXXXX. Call your mobile see if it works.

These are the ones I have

I don’t even think I need all those as I only have one trunk and I want every call to go out on that one. I am pretty sure last one will cover everything.

Thanks Mark, that did the trick. We are up and running!! Appreciate your help!