Assigning Agents to Queues


i’m planning to update our rather old and “not so sophisticated” debian-based asterisk installation. i want to have an agent login system similar to the one described at (which uses VMAuthenticate()).

since i only took a quick look at freepbx (please forgive…) via a testinstall of asteriskNOW 3.0 i would like to know in the first place if it’s possible to realize this (or something similar) at all with freepbx (maybe special modules?) before i delve deeper. or should i stick with CLI asterisk configuration in this case?

thx very much for your help

There is a queue module available so you can configure your queues with either static agents, dynamic agents or both.

i could be embarassed because the answer is so simple, but i’m just grateful because my asterisk knowledge is limited and now i can be sure i’m looking in the right direction (and i’m not wasting my time). i’ll improve i promise :wink: