Assign DID to a Line Key

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Hi all, I am hoping someone can please help me.
I am running FreePBX 15, just the basic install at the moment - none of the paid modules, etc - as a demonstration to my boss in the hopes they’ll switch over from current hardware PBX.

We have 3 divisions - was originally 3 businesses they merged into one shared factory but has since merged. I have a Yealink T46G that I would like to setup with FreePBX to direct different DIDs to ring on different Line Keys.

For example someone rings 9999 9901 and Line Key 1 flashes. Someone rings 9999 9902 and Line Key 2 flashes, etc
Can this be done and if so, is it done in FreePBX or the phone’s config?



Easy, but you need to set up both the phone and the PBX.

On the PBX, create 3 extensions. Set up an Inbound Route for each DID to ring the corresponding extension.

On the Yealink, configure 3 Accounts, one for each extension.

For outgoing, set the Outbound CID for each extension to the corresponding external number.

If all the DIDs are on the same trunk, or your trunks allow sending any of your numbers as caller ID, you’re done. Otherwise, set up 3 Outbound Routes, with the CallerID fields set to the corresponding extension numbers and the trunk sequence set to the appropriate trunk.