Asking for deployment id_number... Error! name lookup timed out

Using “fsconsole sysadmin activate deploymentid” shows:

Asking for deployment deploymentid…Error!
name lookup timed out

I’ve verified the following information is correct and valid:

-DNS configuration.
-IP configuration.
-Internet Access
-Deployment Configuration and Deployment ID.
-Verified NAT firewall and nothing is being blocked from PBX.

I currently have FreePBX version 10.13.66-13, FWConsole 13.0.163, SysAdmin Using the SysAdmin module in the GUI presents Activate button and upon pressing basically cycles and then refreshes the page never making it to the deployment section.

What am I missing?

Name lookup timed out is a DNS error.

Some people have had good results by adding ‘’ to their DNS search list.

Thanks for the reply… I have programmed as the primary DNS server and internet and over a dozen resolution tests confirm successful DNS resolution. The script doesn’t allow for me to discern what it’s trying to lookup to test directly. If I had that info I could discern the success of the correct lookup.

So I took a tcpdump of the transaction and the sysadmin script makes a request for which returns successfully. Then the script does nothing with the information and exits with Error! Name Lookup Timed Out.

@jayclark The error you are getting is actually being given to us via curl as that’s how we are communicating with the server.

Thanks for the update and additional information. Is there a specific URL to test with cURL as:

Is there a version of Sysadmin that I should downgrade (can I downgrade) to resolve this issue?

Also, tcpdump shows no additional packets after the DNS request and response indicating something wrong with the script itself, does it not?

Update to this post. Today I just performed a system update to 10.13.66-17 from 10.13.66-13 using the step update scripts. Tried the GUI in SysAdmin and it still reports “name lookup timed out.” I verified the primary DNS server is set to and it is. Ran “curl” and differently than last time curl returned a success message.

Ran “fwconsole sysadmin activate deployment_id” and received a Success! message. Everything is now working correctly.

we have same problem on 2 servers. we can update modules but we run activate command, it returns Error!

I checked DNS and as I said we can update other modules. please advise.

Hi @psdk:

This is a known issue identified yesterday afternoon. A fix will be out soon.

@psdk now resolved. If you continue to have issues, please let us know.

thank you.
We’re checking with our customers.