[ASK] Outgoing call: is it possible to show particular number?

I have few trunks to make an outgoing call. Each of them have their own number (ID) from the telco company. Is it possible to make a call from those trunks and on the receiver’s phone displayed a particular number?

Is it possible? or not?


What type of trunks?

You should be able to have the number that is displayed be one of your phone numbers from the carrier. If you are asking if you can spoof a different number that is not yours that is dependent on the carrier.

It is a GSM trunk, it’s basicly a machine with GSM card/number on it to make a outgoing call.

You said it correctly: I want to spoof a different number. I want to display my main trunk number on the receiver’s phone instead of that GSM number that I use to make a outgoing call. I dont think the carrier allow it, so I assume that is nothing we can do on our side …?

Thanks a lot, Alan, for helping and replying my post (again)!!