[ASK] Caller id not working on transfer to gsm, in all other cases it works

I’m brandnew to Freepbx (thanks!), and after some frustrations I managed to set up the most things I needed.

Only one issue, I also use an extension for my cell phone and have trouble with Caller id’s. This is the scenario:

  1. If I call from a sip client(a simple softphone for now) directly to my cell phone, I see the CID of our pbx.(not really related, but ok)

  2. If any call comes in, cid is always shown on the sip phone’s display.

  3. If I call out from the sip phone, through our sip trunk, our nr is shown to the other party.

  4. BUT, if I put my cell phone extension(custom ext,cell phone nr in follow me)in a queue (or transfer from IVR imediatelly to my cell phone), I get the call on my phone but it’s always a private nr. The same call on the sip phone DOES show the caller id.

Any idea why this happens? I’m really breaking my head on this.

Kind regards,


Specifying "fromuser=+329xxxxxx (our voip nr) made the callerid appear on calls transfered to gsm.