Arvixe Hosting Setup

How do I set up on a SHARED server like Arvixe… Step by step for beginners please…

Set it up for what? What kind of shared server? What OS? Virtualized?

Arvixe uses Linux and its a shared server without remote desktop.

Hello thereverend,

After looking over the install steps, and the requirements that I could fine. This would not be compatible with our Shared Hosting, You can install it on our VPS Plans however.

Or on one of our Dedicated Servers, We can even assist you with this if you wanted to install it to one of these two accounts.

Regards, and have a great day!

I highly suggest using a certified hosting provider for FreePBX as their is more to it then just setting up a VPS. We offer hosted systems through that also helps support the project.

So I did it. Took the advantage of the 1/2 price deal got myself a VPS server. Now how do I install this FREEPBX on that server from my side. Please send step by step directions… I do not wish to wipe out everything on my server either. I just want to add this to the server. thanks

In the previous post Tony suggested a certified provider, such as our company, to provide hosted services. The certified providers, in addition to running infrastructure designed and supported by Schmooze contribute back to the project.

You choose to by a VPS from another vendor then ask for ‘step by step’ instructions to add FreePBX/Asterisk to some unknown environment. The procedure to install on different OS’s is in our wiki, along with documentation on installing our tarball source packages. You have to understand the concepts, step by step instructions are never going to apply to every scenario. You must have the skills of relational thinking to apply concepts to your scenario.

I think you will find that selection on unsupported VPS provider, choosing to roll your own system (limiting support options in the forum) and aligning yourself with a service that is not part of the FreePBX ecosystem will be a false economy in the long run.