ARI trouble on 2.3

Hi there!

When I access the ARI page I will see the regular login screen. After entering the credentials (extension + vm password) I see the “new voicemails” page. BUT when I try to click any link on the left navigation to jump over to old voicemails, to recordings, etc - I will always just get the login screen and not the selected page.

Any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks for your support!

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Well - this seems to be some self-serving community. :wink:

I solved the issue - it is due to PHPs unability to store SESSION data in the default path.
In other words - the Trixbox CentOS5 2.3 installation seems to be a little buggy regarding the PHP installation.
After changing the SESSION save_path in /etc/php.ini to /tmp (don’t do that on “public” servers) everything works nicely.
Probably I could have just resolved the issue by adjusting the rights to the old path but after so many hours of bug hunting I didn’t feel it was worth the added effort. :wink:



You just freed up a few hours of my time. Nice.