ARI Settings


I’m trying to open User Panel but it doesn’t work. It says:

No es posible conectar con la Centralita ()
Check the ARI ‘main.conf.php’ configuration file to set the Asterisk Manager Account.
Compruebe /etc/asterisk/manager.conf para crear una cuenta Asterisk Manager
make sure [general] enabled = yes and a ‘permit=’ line for localhost or the webserver.

I changed some fields in main.conf.php:

$LEGACY_AMP_DBHOST = “some_remote_host”;
$LEGACY_AMP_DBNAME = “asterisk”;

$ASTERISKCDR_DBHOST = “some_other_remote_host”;
$ASTERISKCDR_DBNAME = “asteriskcdrdb”;

I think it has something to do with DB credentials but I don’t see any user/pass fields in main.conf.php.

[general] enabled is set to yes and permit is correct.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.