ARI provides recording without audio file type extension

Hello friends,

I am working with the ARI rest-api from Asterisk, and I am running in to some problems. With the api I can get the recording files via the following
GET request: /recordings/stored/{recordingName}/file

But the url of the download location does not end with the .wav extension (see example below). This is causing me a lot of problems, because I need to stream the audio file via directly from the url, which is not possible right now.

I hope someone could help me out trying to get a response that has the .wav extension at the end of the url.

I am new to Asterisk so please keep it simple.

Thank you!


URL example:

In general, when using mixmon recordings, the code should also react to the variable {MIXMON_FORMAT}

Directly from ARI there’s no way to do it without code modifications and changing things. If you are expecting to download and play it in a browser, that’s not really what ARI was designed for.

Hmm, is there an other way to get the audio files directly?

I’ve never done it, so don’t really know off the top of my head.

I am thinking about building my own rest-api, that reponse with the recordings.

That would be in line with how ARI is expected to be used. It’s meant to be accessed by applications, not directly by end users.

Yes, but the ARI API does not let me play the recording files in my Swift application. And I don’t know any other way ;(

When I say application I’m referring to a server side telephony application. This server side telephony application could then present its own API with its own authentication for client applications such as one running on a mobile device. That is how ARI is designed to be used.

Alright, is there a list of applications that are available to use? I am new to voip and Asterisk so I still need to learn a lot.

Asterisk doesn’t include any ARI applications. We provide the foundation to let other people create and develop such things in ARI.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Currently I am trying to get every stored recording by a unique id (maybe callerid, phonenumber) and I need to get the audio file in my IOS application. So when a call hang up, I send a request from my ios application to a rest-api, that will respond with the audio file.

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