ARI Password keeps changing and I don't know why

Hello, so occasionally I will see “Apply Settings” pop up after I haven’t made any changes, and so sometimes I will backup /etc/asterisk and then Apply, and compare the diff to see what changed.

It always seems to be the ARI Password, (or maybe just the salt?). The only file that is changed, is ari_additional.conf, and it’s the secret line that is changed. I don’t think I’m doing anything to cause the password to be changed, and I’m definitely not doing it intentionally, and no one else has authorization for the server, and it’s behind a whitelist only firewall. (Although it wasn’t always)

Is this normal behavior? I’ve looked at the cron logs and don’t see anything that sticks out, but I haven’t yet been able to nail down the exact time this ‘change’ is made (that makes the Apply Changes button appear)

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks :slight_smile:

Asterisk 13.22.0

PS. ARI Is disabled in Advanced Settings, however in ari_additional.conf there is still the ‘freepbxuser’ user, (and it’s this user’s password that keeps changing).

tldr; Is is normal for the ARI password/salt for user ‘freepbxuser’ to change on it’s own?

My current thinking is it’s just regenerating the hash/salt every time I “Apply Changes”, and that it may not be what’s causing the “Apply Changes” button to appear unexpectedly.

No, this does not sound normal. I’ve never had that file change spontaneously for any of my installations.

May I ask which setting in the GUI normally controls this file (ari_additional.conf)?


be very careful to make sure that tcp/5038 is closed on your firewall, it is by default just waiting to be compromised.

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