ARI or Voicemail Problem?

Not sure if this is an ARI or Voicemail issue… or neither.

When in the User Portal, I select the latest voicemail received and click “Delete”. That row is deleted fine- however the voicemail associated to that row is now attached to the older row and the oldest recording is, in fact, deleted…

Row1 VM1
Row2 VM2
Row3 VM3

Delete ROw1 (yes, I know row 2 would now become row1. but it makes the point)

Row2 VM1
Row3 VM2

And so on… It seems to delete the last row of data but not the right recording…

1- Can I find those recordings on the filesystem still?
2- WHA?! What did I do wrong?

I think you will find that “comedian mail” the asterisk voicemail subsystem will rename the messages sequentially starting at msg000* ordered by date and will do so when a message is deleted, they are in


by default, but the deleted ones will not be ther , the messages are just renumbered.

I am not sure what you mean…

Why is it deleting the row of text but just moving the voicemail>? I am so confused.

It’s just how comedian mail works, delete a voicemail by ANY method, phone or GUI, and the existing ones are renumbered by date sequentially, tyhe msgnnnn.txt file contains the metadata of the call, so the name itself is really meaningless.

Perhaps I am not being clear then? I am deleting a voice mail and the wrong file is being deleted.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. Then perhaps you should file a bug.