ARI modules in FreePBX Distro


I am use FreePBX Distro with
PBX Firmware 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7
and Asterisk 14.7.5
And i am can’t find
modules in my system.
Without this modules not work “mailboxes” in ARI (Asterisk REST Interface).

Where i can get this modules?

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Sorry we do not build or support these modules in the distro.

… but having said that, you can build the modules yourself and install them as your normally would in Asterisk.

The deal here is that you’re likely to be largely on your own if you go this route. You can ask questions about the modules, but don’t expect a lot of help here. They are outside the normal scope of FreePBX, and this is specifically a FreePBX forum, so you get what you get.

The “asterisk-devel” yum package should get you everything you need to start down this lonely road. You may also find the “buildconfig” (IIRC) program that comes with Asterisk helpful in building a new kernel.

One last warning, in case you missed it last time - this is not supported in FreePBX; building a new kernel turns your “otherwise FreePBX” system into something that isn’t technically FreePBX anymore. If you aren’t at least a 6th level kernel mage, you are likely to find the next couple of weeks harder work than you wanted to undertake.

Note that lots of people build FrankenPBX systems like this (including me) but you need to be confident in your skills to make this work.

Way to success - next steps:

  • install FreePBX Distro to test site (in VM for example)
  • yum install asterisk-devel
  • make asterisk with needed modules
  • transfer modules to work install

Will these steps be enough to solve my problem?

Yes, but remember the caveats.

You will need to go into the module load/noload screen and set these modules so they load. Once you’ve done that (assuming all of your install steps were correct) the modules should link up and work.

This is not for the feint of heart. Be prepared for problems. While it might seem like it should be simple, it can cause random effects that none of us will be able to really help you troubleshoot.

So, if you run into problems that you really can’t solve, come back and ask. There are plenty of people here that operate out on the leading edge here and someone may be able to suggest a solution if you run into a problem.

One last caveat - when you build your new Asterisk, you may need to use the kernel you built for this operation. I’d test out the system on your VM, make sure it’s going to do what you want it to do, and then rerun the steps on your production system (after a full backup). This way, everything should align on the new system (new kernel and new modules).

Finally, if it actually ends up working well, you could submit a feature request to bring these modules into the fold. I don’t know what these modules actually give you, but they’re there for a reason, so experiment away and report back your success.

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