ARI module show more line in recordings

Hi Freepbx,

I am searching me crazy on how to expand the visible lines in calls in the ARI module.
Now it is set to 15 Lines and then I have to search further with next page tab.
Is there a posibility to adjust a file to show more call lines, for example 50 lines? I think it can be realy simple.
I looked at the CSS file, bit that only changes the layout with, fonts and colors etc.
I hope you can give me a tip where to look in what file this is set.
Many thanx in advance!!!

Is it even possible?
It has to be possible I think.
Tips are very welcome.

It took me a while to find it, but the 15 rows is hard coded in:

Locate this line:

And change the 15 to whatever number of rows you wish. There is a corresponding line in:

I tested a bit and it seems to work okay, ymmv.

lgaetz you are the man!!!
Thank you soo much, you helped me alot.
Thanx again