ARI login requires admin access

When a user logs in to Voicemail & Recording page (either from the main page or by typing http://server/recordings), a Basic Auth screen pops up asking for name/password. The only login that works is maint and admin password. Once I enter admin credentials, I get to the login form that accepts extension and voicemail password

The reason, it seems to me, that httpd.conf includes /etc/pbx/httpdconf/ari.conf that enables basic auth for that directory.
Obviously, I don’t want to give the users admin credentials just to see their voicemails. Is it OK to disable ari.conf? Or there is a reason for this extra security? If so, how can I give users web access to their voicemails?
I am running PIAF on RentPBX… I am not sure if this config file comes from FreePBX or from PIAF (and, unfortunately, PIAF forum is down). I am not even sure that my analysis is correct - when I disabled ari.conf, I got through to the /recordings page, but basic auth popup came up a few seconds later, or when I clicked submit.

This configuration file is from PIAF. It’s quite complicated to fix and now that the forums are gone the information to fix it is lost. Sorry