ARI Feature Preview now available for testing with FreePBX 2.5rc1

If you are using FreePBX 2.5rc1, you can try out an upgrade for the ARI voicemail interface. This upgrade places all the links for playing and downloading voicemail directly on the voicemail page (no more popups needed). It also introduces a Call Me feature. Call Me allows you to specify a phone number for the voicemail server to call and play the voicemail message over the phone. If you want to try out this Feature Preview, all the necessary files and instructions can be found at ticket 3042. Please add any feedback to that ticket.

This Feature Preview is not for FreePBX 2.4. If the patch file is installed on FreePBX 2.4, ARI will likely stop working on your PBX and you will need to replace the patched files with versions for 2.4 from a tarball, SVN, or your backup.