ARI DB Error: insufficient permissions


I newbie here to ask for help.
I’m playing around freebpx with asterisk here but fortunately that i successfully installed freebpx and asterisk Everything work find until I go the Voicemail & Recordings (ARI), the ARI page indicated:


DB Error: insufficient permissions

Cannot connect to the asteriskcdrdb database
Check AMP installation, asterisk, and ARI main.conf

I had double check all the password in amportal.conf, manager.conf and also the ARI main.conf, all password are the same, but unfortunately the issue still around.

Please assist…

additional info:

when tried to update the CDR Reports, I get this:

Downloading cdr 26388 of 26388 (100%)
Checking if field did is present in cdr table…
Adding did field to cdr
This might take a while…
DB Error: insufficient permissions

anyone can assist?

Having same issue. Any idea here?