ARI a way for only Admin to delete Monitored calls

I want to be able to give our users access to the voicemail & recordings from the ARI login, but can not yet as long as the users can delete the monitored calls.

Is there a way to make it so only the admin has this right?

The users can delete there voice mail messages but I can not have them delete the recorded calls.

Or is there a way to make it so the users don’t have access to the recorded calls at all.

Does Freepbx have a separate interface page all together for the admin. If so this can be achieved by simply deleting the call monitoring link from the users page.

Thanks in advance,

So I am lead to believe that there is no way to change the rights or permissions for the ARI? Then why the separate login for users and admin? If the users can delete monitored calls as well. Or is it jsut so the admin can view or listen to recordings from all extensions.

I found a way to modify a config file in order to remove the delete button on the ARI page for users… but I can’t find it anymore.
Could someone post here in which file is this setting ?

After hours of research its always the same, it when you post a help request that you end-up finding the solution.
The file is : main.conf
the setting is : $CALLMONITOR_ALLOW_DELETE = 1;
that you have to change to 0.