Are You Interested in a Training & Certification Course?

We are seeking feedback on doing a training course, please see details and reply here:

[center]Are You Interested in a Training & Certification Course?[/center]

Philippe Lindheimer
FreePBX Project Lead

I would be interested in training and certification in NC

You told us you wanted it, so here it is. Announcing the First Open Telephony Training Seminar offered by the FreePBX team!

One more suggestion. I have been to many training events (smaller vendor mutltitech etc…) in which the training material was put together by a designer/technical person, however the material was not laid out in a format that one without a technical background could understand. It might take some time to do, but perhaps you could run it by someone with limited technical knowledge? I suppose it all depends how much we are going to go under the hood of freepbx. Is there a list of suggested material to cover beforehand? Will hardware be required? Win/Lin Laptop? thank you!


We will be creating the material to be formatted and at a level of the intended audience, which does assume a basic level of technical background on the technical subjects. If you have worked with FreePBX and/or Asterisk and have a basic familiarity using it then you have sufficient background. We will be aggressive in the training so more familiarity won’t hurt but we do expect that level so that we can provide rich content to all the attendees. If you have a laptop you should consider bringing it. Although the course will not require it, there will be opportunities to take advantage of it and work through some of what you are learning.