Are updates recommended?

Hi all,

Just wondering if it is always recommended to keep FreePBX up to date. I’ve noticed quite a few module updates even over the past 2 weeks. Can I turn on an auto-update feature to keep things current? Or is the sort of thing where I should just run manually on a regular basis?

Can I schedule updates to only happen at specific time of day?

If I were you I’d just manually keep it up to date. I’ve had updates that completely broke stuff and knowing what you updated has been important for us.


As a programmer myself I would say yes, you normally want to run the latest code with the latest fixes…

That said, are you in Edge mode?


I am always in Edge so I don’t know what is the exact frequency of module updates when you are not in Edge mode but I doubt it is as frequent as what you are seeing.

Have a nice day!


Personally I always look at what gets updated (even the Jiras) so that I know what got updated each time…

Have a nice day!