Are these legitimate files?

are these legitimate FreePBX files?


What makes question they are not?

Where did you get the source of freepbx- from ?

the official distro, always. This system is not v14 anymore though, it’s been upgraded to 15

was just checking the systems for the K.php hack of which license.php is a known bad file. These only showed up on one system.

you should be able to “head” any commercial php file and see the zend/ioncube header

[[email protected] ~]# head /var/www/html/admin/modules/restapps/
<?php //00671
// 0 @Ioncube;
// Phone Apps 16.0.21
// Copyright 2022 by Sangoma Technologies Inc., All rights reserved
// By installing, copying, downloading, distributing, inspecting or using
// the materials provided herewith, you agree to all of the terms of use as
// outlined in our End User Agreement which can be found and reviewed at

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